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Caring for your Pieces

Pieces Gold or Silver-Plated can last a long time and always maintain a fresh appearance because they are of very high quality.

Constant daily use of the same plated piece is not initially recommended; however, there are many cases of great durability without any harm to the piece. This means it largely depends on the person using it.

It is normal for dark spots to appear on 18k gold-plated pieces due to contact with the skin, sweat, perfumes, and creams. Therefore, we recommend taking some precautions for the extended durability of your pieces.

Care Tips:

  • Apply hand cream, deodorant, and perfume a few minutes before wearing jewelry to avoid potential chemical reactions.
  • People with high uric acid levels, nervous individuals, or those using medication may darken gold, silver, or plated pieces.
  • Always remove your jewelry when engaging in rough activities where they may be subject to abrasion, falls, or contact with chemicals.
  • Avoid wearing them to the beach, as seawater and sunscreen can damage the plating.
  • Do not wear jewelry or semi-precious pieces while applying hair dye.
  • Be cautious with activities like going to the beach, swimming, sauna, and bathing; these activities can harm your plated pieces.

With these precautions, your pieces will remain beautiful and long-lasting for a long time.


  • To clean your piece, use only neutral coconut soap and running water;
  • To dry them, use a dry cloth, and afterward, use a hair dryer to restore their shine and prevent the piece from staying damp;
  • Do not attempt to shine with steel wool or any other abrasive material.
  • Avoid wearing pieces while bathing, as soaps, creams, and bath oils can leave a fine film on the surface, making the piece dull;
  • Do not use acetone, toothpaste, or alcohol to clean your pieces. Also, do not boil them in soapy water, as these procedures can soil and damage stones and metals.

Attention to Pearls:

If your semi-jewelry has pearls, do not wash them. Use only a damp cloth to clean them.

With these precautions, your pieces will stay beautiful for a long time, and you will always look your best.

Here are some factors that can damage your plated piece:

  • Sweat: One of the most aggressive factors and often responsible for darkening the piece. The body continuously loses liquid through the skin. Sweat is the most effective factor in removing body heat. Its composition can be extremely corrosive due to the presence of substances such as Sulfates, Phosphates, Chlorides, Citric, Uric, and Lactic acids. For example, silver can darken when in contact with these substances because it is more sensitive than other metals.
  • Excess presence of iodine in the body.
  • Cosmetics— Creams, Ointments, Lotions, etc.
  • Perfumes— Original Liquid, Colognes, etc.
  • Hair Chemicals— Dyes, Straightening, etc.
  • Handling— Improper efforts subjected to the pieces, such as small twists, pulls, and bends.
  • Cleaning Products— Multipurpose, Bleaches, Soaps, etc.
  • Recreational Activities— Beach, Swimming, Sauna, Baths, etc.

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