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Tiger Eye and Onyx Bracelet - Nature's Protection

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The physical and mental well-being of the modern man, protected by the power of nature. The style of this bracelet perfectly represents masculine good taste, making anyone more stylish and sophisticated. This piece is made with natural Tiger's Eye and Onyx stones, as well as studded with black zirconia crystals, providing elegance and protection for you to stand out among all!



Contact with nature produces sensations and feelings in humans capable of balancing and rejuvenating a worn-out and dull life. With that in mind, Holy Style has created a bracelet that can provide you with protection, energy, and positive vibes thanks to Tiger's Eye and Onyx stones. A protected and vibrant man generates strength and leads a successful life with physical and mental well-being.

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The Nature Protection bracelet has been carefully designed and crafted. The natural stones together form a perfect combination that can assist you emotionally and physically.

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It is believed that Tiger's Eye can stimulate physical vitality and blood circulation, facilitating cellular respiration. It can also help you recognize your inner strengths and weaknesses.

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Black Onyx is considered worldwide as the stone of power and personal achievement. Its vibrations channel energies to help you achieve your goals and stay safe and centered even in the most challenging situations.


Item Type: Tiger's Eye and Onyx Bracelet - Nature Protection

Bracelet Material: Natural Stones, Black Zirconia Crystal, Reinforced Elastic

Bracelet Size: 18 cm - 22 cm

Bead Size: 8 mm

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Tiger Eye and Onyx Bracelet - Nature's Protection

$33.00 $21.70